It’s About Relationships

Your relationships to your loved ones, and theirs to each other.

Probate is a Complicated Process.

We’re here to make it easier for you.

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Creating A Will

Avoid expensive mistakes and protect your family.

Exploring Trusts

Don’t make your family go through probate.

Understanding Probate

What to expect if a loved one’s assets enter probate.

Certificates Of Independent Review

Avoid challenges to your estate plan with this easy step.

No Cash Assets

What to do when your estate doesn’t have enough cash to pay its debts.

A Personalized Approach To Meet Your Goals

Many people put off making an estate plan or believe a will is all that’s needed to avoid an expensive probate process. They often don’t find out they were wrong but their family does.

At Gadi Zohar, Esq., I get that the right estate plan is right for you first, and for your loved ones later.  I’ve guided Bay Area clients through this process for years.  No matter how complex your situation, I can create detailed, thorough plans to meet your needs.

Crafting A Detailed Plan That Fits You

I love DIY.  But for estate planning, I’ve seen too many tragic and costly consequences of planning without the guidance of an experienced estate planning lawyer. Missed details can cause expensive mistakes that leave survivors stuck for months.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to your estate. Your life is unique. Your estate plan should be, too.

As an attorney and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist*, I offer compassionate support throughout the estate planning process. From setting up your foundational estate plan to the difficult process of administering a trust after death, I can help.

*Gadi Zohar does not provide professional psychotherapy or psychological counseling.

Don’t leave your legacy to chance.

Protect Your Loved Ones Today

We all procrastinate. That’s just human nature. But the longer you go without a detailed plan for “what if”, the more you risk leaving your loved ones unprotected should anything happen.

Whether you are looking to start from scratch, have questions about the process or simply need to revise an existing trust, I can help. Call me today at 650-449-6671 or email me to set up a free consultation and see how I can help with all of your estate planning goals.