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Skilled And Experienced Probate Representation

At Gadi Zohar, Esq., in Palo Alto, we provide experienced probate representation throughout Santa Clara, San Mateo and San Francisco counties. We have represented countless executors, administrators and others facing the unique complexities of the California probate system. Due to our expert legal understanding and attention to detail, we are able to provide guidance that helps our clients rest assured that their probate matter will be handled effectively.

We will be at your side throughout the process and assist in resolving creditors’ claims, legal issues, and disputes in accordance with local and state law. Having worked on both sides of the probate system, Gadi Zohar understands how the different probate courts operate and has a strong understanding of how to navigate the probate court system. Another thing that differentiates our probate practice is our willingness, when needed, to cover court costs when there is no cash in the estate.

Estate Planning With A Premium On Relationships

At our firm, we counsel clients and assist with the myriad aspects of estate planning and administration.: from standard foundational estate plans to complex planning; and then we help with the administration of trusts when needed. Before becoming an attorney, Gadi Zohar practiced as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist*, and this combined experience allows him to better understand the complexities of family relationships when it comes to planning and administering estate plans.

We will listen to your concerns, advocate for you and help you achieve your goals. A comprehensive foundational estate plan can bring peace of mind, and we have been helping the people of the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond create their personal plans since 2011. From creating your trust to administering the trust of a loved one, we can help you with all your estate planning and administration goals.

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Your estate plan may end up being complex. Indeed, there are often moving parts you may not have considered. But it does not have to be intimidating. With guidance, you can ensure your loved ones are covered now and for years to come. With our attorney’s unique insight and background, you can be assured your values and goals are fully represented in your finished documents.

At our firm, Gadi Zohar, Esq., in Palo Alto, Gadi has guided people through the entirety of their estate planning needs. You want to be the decision-maker on what happens to your assets, and Gadi can help. For an initial consultation, contact us online or by calling 650-449-6671.

* Gadi Zohar does not provide professional psychotherapy or psychological counseling.