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Estate Plans To Fit Your Life

Estate planning is crucial for everyone, and we know that families come in all shapes and sizes. Not all families fit into the greater society’s expectations of a married couple raising a family together. If you’re not in a traditional married relationship, a solid estate plan can give you rights and protection under the law.

We can help create an estate plan that fits your life and helps protect the ones you love. Our lawyer at Gadi Zohar, Esq., in Palo Alto, California, is an experienced estate planning attorney, ready to answer all your questions around your estate.

Why Is It Important To Have A Plan That Fits You?

Without an estate plan, you could find yourself shut out from loved ones’ estates just because you were not officially married. If you have minor children from a previous relationship but no estate plan, your partner may not be appointed a guardian. Your partner could be excluded by your legal heirs from any assets you leave behind. Your partner could even be excluded from your hospital room if they are not named as an agent on your advance health care directive.

Gadi Zohar has experience with clients from all walks of life. He will personally meet with you to discuss and explain:

  • The importance of estate planning, as well as your long-term goals for your estate plan.
  • Estate planning options, including making and coordinating trusts so that your assets can pass in accordance with your personal wishes.
  • The relevance of checking, naming and updating beneficiaries for IRAs, 401(k) plans, retirement accounts and life insurance policies, because these assets do not pass under your living trust.
  • Health care directives and making sure you will maintain the legal authority to care for and make crucial decisions for your partner if they become incapacitated. You don’t want to be excluded from making medical and end-of-life decisions.
  • Clarifying guardianship details. This is a crucial issue to cover for couples who are blended families or have single-parent-adopted children.

Gadi can answer questions and provide the valuable insight that you will need in estate planning.

Contact A Skilled Attorney Now

If you live what may be considered a “nontraditional lifestyle,” an estate plan may be crucial to making sure your loved ones are taken care of. The team at our firm, Gadi Zohar, Esq., in Palo Alto, has the knowledge and experience to guide you. Our clients live throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. For an initial consultation, contact us via email or call 650-449-6671.